3 Levels of Facebook Ad Spend and Their Realistic Goals

Investing in Facebook Ads is a great way to grow your audience. That said, there are several levels of spending and each carries its own realistic set of goals and success.

Under $500

This level of spend is great for a free event. It’s a quick hit, should only run 5-8 days and is going to bring in a diverse audience that may or may not be interested in purchasing your products and services.


This is a great budget for follower/fan growth. We were able to grow the Facebook audience for one client from 200 to over 20,000 in four weeks with $800. The audience was very engaged and interested in information shared by the brand. This also kickstarted a larger growth period, with the page topping out in 8 weeks at 50,000 followers.

Over $1500

This is still an entry level spend and can be used for program conversion. This ad should run 10-15 days and be made up of at least 3-5 different types of creative images and/or videos.

Investing in Facebook ads at this level can jumpstart your list-building efforts and attract a new audience to you, your brand, product and services.

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