Being a Millennial Entrepreneur isn’t easy — it requires hard work, sacrifice and hustle. It also requires A LOT of patience.

In order to be wildly successful, there are a few steps you must take before you get started on this journey.

Step 1: Never Stop Learning

Being your own boss is amazing. Truly amazing. There are no words to describe the ability to call the shots, decide when you work and how you work, and figure out what success means to you. But it also comes with a hunger for information. As entrepreneurs, we wear a lot of hats. There are ways to invest in the right help to get you going, but when you’re first starting out, much of the work will fall to you. And that’s a great thing. That’s what you got into this for. Take the time — BLOCK the time to learn about the business of your business. From taxes to contracts and billing, the more you know about the business of running a business, the better.

Step 2: Network

Networking is great for finding clients and for finding contractors or collaborators. It also helps you refine your message and showcase exactly why you do what you do on the fly. Elevator pitch not your thing? Dip your toe into online networking with Facebook and LinkedIn groups to get started. Every time you try something out of your comfort zone, you grow and being an entrepreneur means you have to grow every day to truly succeed.

Step 3: Never Say Never

As you expand your services, you’ll learn that there are things you like and things you don’t like. Try taking a course for the things you don’t like and see if that changes your perspective. Or, find someone to outsource those tasks to. Either way, be open to the possibilities that you may have placed in the “never” bucket when you started your business. You may find that those tasks and to-dos are things you enjoy or things that you were afraid of and with a little training and a flipped perspective, they can become things you truly enjoy.

And patience? You need a hell of a lot of patience. You’ll need to find a good group of people who have your back and who understand what you’re going through to truly make all of this work. And when you do? You’ll be grateful and so excited for whatever the world has in store for you and your business.

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