Branding Basics: How to Brand Yourself Online in 5 Steps

The most important part of branding? Authenticity.

If your brand doesn’t feel good, chances are, it’s not going to resonate with your fans which is when engagement tanks!

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In order to brand yourself, you need to follow five simple steps:

  1. Pick a Logo: Use or to pick a series of colors and fonts that speak to your brand, what your brand represents, the services you provide and the topics you’re talking about.
  2. Pick a Style: Style is everything for the words you use to the way you use them. Voice and Tone mean a lot of different things, but basically, if you’re going to be an expert, deliver information in quick, digestible pieces of content that your fans can understand. If you’re a curator of content, check your sources so you’re sharing the most accurate information possible.
  3. Brand Values: What is important to you? What elements are notable in the service you or your brand provide? What is something that is unique to you? These are the elements of brand values. Once you know what they are, it is easy to make decisions about what is, and what isn’t, on brand for you. Which makes developing content a breeze!
  4. Brand Role Models: Finding what works is easy these days — there are hundreds of brands in dozens of verticals doing what you’re doing AND it’s working for them. Find five brands you want to emulate and then put your own style on how they share content. There’s a reason best practice guides exist: if it’s working, don’t break it… just tweak it to fit your unique brand.
  5. Sharing Cadence: Cadence refers to the amount of times you share content on a social media network. Determining how many times YOU should share is something you have to test. Studies show that sharing content between commuting times and lunch hours seem to have the best results but your fans may be early birds or night owls — share content, keep a record of what does best and adjust accordingly.

If you stick to these five steps AND alter them as needed to put your most authentic foot forward, you will gain followers and increase your engagement. It’s a proven fact that an authentic brand, even one that’s a little “messy,” will do better than a brand that just follows the rules.