Don’t Let the Titanic Sink Your Business: 3 Ways to Combat Compartmentalization in Building Your Personality

The Titanic Syndrome is something I’ve created to explain what we do when we go “all in” on our personas and forget about the Ice Cream Sundae approach to all areas of building our business, brand and career. Content Personas are an important part of building out a smart digital strategy — and it is Read More


Building Out a Seasonal Marketing Calendar for Your Brand — and Business!

What do the words “seasonal marketing” mean to you? Do they conjure up visions of sugar plums and dancing bears? Maybe your favorite season is apple and pumpkin spice season, scarves and hats galore. Seasonal Marketing not only refers to the holidays and actual seasons, it also refers to the dates on the calendar and Read More


Why Selling Your Skills, Not Your Title, Will Get You the Salary You Deserve

Whether you’re a courageous careerpreneur or a badass ladyboss or a fearless freelancer, the way you negotiate your salary is vitally important to your monetary success. Your salary doesn’t ever have to define you but having monetary goals isn’t a bad thing and understanding the best way to sell yourself is the first step to Read More


Stuck in a Biz Rut? How Mental Health Dates Can Save Your Career

Whether you’re a courageous careerpreneur, navigating the 9-5 or a fearless entrepreneur, working for yourself for the very first time, everyone gets into a rut with their business and career. EVERYONE! Anyone who says they haven’t is lying. And they may very well be lying to themselves but you don’t have to believe them. Why? Read More