Instalink.Codes — Your Instagram Conversion Fix!

Converting from Instagram can be challenging at times. Mainly, because you only have the ability (unless you’re verified; lucky you!) to drive to one link in your #linkinbio (and two if you’re using a business page and count the email/call link as a link). A quick #VixFix solution for this is to use a link tree service, like

On Google Trends, you can check out the commonly searched questions (or related queries) to any search term. For Instagram, the most common questions relate to how to get followers, which hashtags to use and how to post from your PC.

It seems, according to Google anyway, we’re all trying to do the same thing — get more followers!

And for those of us in the online entrepreneur space (and influencers, of course!), we need our followers to actually help build our bank account too.

The conversion will never be 1:1 (as in, 1 follower = 1 customer/client) BUT you should be able to get people to convert to your email list, Facebook page and more.

When you’re trying to drive your Instagram audience to so many different destinations, it can be hard for you — and them — to keep track.

And remembering to change the #linkinbio every, single time? Who the heck has time for that!

That’s where comes in.

This video will give you a better understanding of how — and why — you should start using it TODAY!

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