This episode covers Vix’s signature routine that helped her build a 6-figure business in 6-weeks. From what a side hustle is to a resource that will help you, this podcast is full of info for anyone looking for fulfillment in another way!

In .67 seconds, Google can return two point four MILLION results (2.43 MM) on the search query “is a morning routine essential for success.” Two point four million. That’s a lot of articles to read.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you.

As someone who follows a daily routine, I can tell you that it is essential. And as a human being who sometimes falls out of her routine, I can tell you that it is essential. Ever do that? Create a plan for yourself and fall off the wagon and then feel alll kinds of “off” and don’t know why? Yup, I get that.

I also get what it is to be BUSY. I firmly believe that the glorification of busy is slowly killing us but I also know that we can’t stop that process until we have more informed and educated individuals in power. That’s where equality comes in — if we are all allowed to get the life we love, then we’d all be happier, healthier and translate that to our teams, families and the people we connect with on a daily basis.

The Power of 3 is a simple routine that anyone can do and at the end of this Part of the show, remember each part has 3 segments!, I’ll give you the information you need to put this into practice TODAY. But first, some data…

According to a CNN Money article from July 2017, 44 million Americans have a side hustle.

Forty four million people have a side hustle. That’s quite a number. If you’re not “in the know,” a side hustle is a job or jobs that you have on the side of your regular paycheck. It’s a millennial phrase, sure, but the concept is NOT new. Hustlers with heart have been running this City, New York City, for centuries. The reason 44 million people are able to have a side hustle now? The World Wide Web. A side hustle is also, generally, a job you don’t have to do in person and that’s what makes a routine, a daily routine, even more important.

DEFINITION: Side Hustle: is a job or jobs that you have on the side of your regular paycheck. It can also be creative projects or a series of jobs that make up your regular paycheck.

When I first started working in television, I read Laura Vanderkam’s book 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think and I realized that I did, in fact, have more time than I thought.\

In her book, Laura outlines your week in 1-hour blocks. And then, once you look at the 1-hour blocks on one sheet of paper, you can outline where your main paycheck comes from, where you get connected to the people and things that matter in your life and where you get inspired by your soul — that voice that is clear and, most times, quiet, but if nurtured, can become quite the roar.

And if this seems stressful? Add some time in to get fit! According to a Princeton University survey from 2013, exercise can actually reorganize the brain to be more resilient to stress.

That’s why 44 million people can handle a side hustle. And guess what? If you have a routine that truly works? That side hustle can become your main hustle and everything in between.

OWN was a side hustle. Ok, Oprah may not think of it that way, but if you look at it from the outside, OWN was a side hustle while the Oprah Winfrey Show was still on the air. It was a project she worked on and now? Now it’s a network that allows her to inspire others through a variety of outlets and projects.

And that is why having a routine matters! 

The Power of 3 starts with a journal — TJ Maxx and HomeGoods sell the cutest ones and you can order them from a variety of sites online too. At the top write the date and three things you want God, the Universe, your grandmother, whomever to take care of. Think of that as the things you need to file in the back of your brain while you work on more active tasks.

Then write down “Mood, Goals and Release.” For each of these three categories, write down three words to describe how you’re feeling, what you want to accomplish and what you need to let go of. We all hold onto things for too long and that can — quite literally kill you.

You might be tempted to turn this off and think it’s too Woo Woo but let me share this with you — the MAYO Clinic has an article on Forgiveness. Not that I completely agree with doctors on all things, and that is SO a segment for another show, but I do think the Mayo Clinic is a valuable and reliable resource.
DEFINITION: Mayo Clinic: is a nonprofit medical practice and medical research group based in Rochester, Minnesota.

By releasing the three things you’re thinking about and releasing the three things you literally want to let go of, you start the day with a fresh mind.

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