Episode 7: Escaping Your 9-5 with Christine McAlister

This episode shares tips, tricks and more to help you write your own story on your terms as you decide what success looks like and how to go from a side hustle mess to the side hustle success story of your dreams.

Our first interview on The Get is a chance for you to Get Inspired and Informed about new ways to boldly create a career that is exactly what you want at every stage of the game.

You know I believe everyone writes their own #SideHustleSuccessStory (so much so that I’ve created a new COACHING program around it!!!!! Click here to reserve your spot) and my guest, Christine McAlister is no different. Her story is inspiring and the work she does with her clients is something that I am totally aligned with. You see, it’s all about how YOU (too) can escape your 9-to-5.  

You can connect with her personally in her Facebook Group, Life with Passion Society, and you can download a freebie from her at http://lifewithpassion.com/get.

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