First Things First, Business or Personal? Instagram Profiles

Instagram is an amazing tool for building your audience and digital brand. There are a few things to consider when getting started with the platform and, it is important to remember, that as your goals change, you should review your Instagram strategy to make sure you’re using the right tactics for the audience and results you’re seeking.

The Pros of Having a Business Profile

Instagram now allows you to have an Instagram for Business profile. It is connected to a Facebook public figure page and functions in a similar manner. It doesn’t differ from a personal Instagram except that you are able to access Instagram’s analytics which is a HUGE pro for anyone interested in building their digital brand.

Additionally, you also get a “second” link — your audience has the option to connect with you directly via email. That’s a big plus too.

You can also run ads on your Instagram for business account. Right now, you can run ads to increase link clicks, app downloads or video views. Currently there are no objectives to run an ad for followers, but you never know what’s coming down the pike

The Cons of Having a Business Profile

The only “con” to consider when making your Instagram for business profile is that all of your content is public. Additionally, you will have to show that you are a “public figure” “business” or “blogger” based on the title you’ve chosen on your Facebook business page.

This may seem like an extra step but when you look at the pros, I think you’ll see it’s clearly worth it!

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