Ready to Use Your Instagram to SELL?


Join me, Vix Reitano, and I'll show you how. I've managed Instagram accounts for brands, influencers (people who get PAID based on their digital audience size!!) and entrepreneurs.

I've helped entrepreneurs with under 100 followers generate a 53% conversion rate for their profiles, influencers with 1000 followers get their first brand deal and used Instagram to sell products of all shapes and sizes!

Instagram is a powerful tool for business of all shapes and sizes! 

Have 100 followers?

You can sell your products and services.

Have 5,000 or more followers?

You can create collaboration opportunities for yourself that will support your business AND your community!


More than that?


Use this course to learn how to engage your audience in a whole new way!

 This 4-week, DIY email course will teach you how to:

Create an Instagram Business profile page

Reach the right audience -- and convert them to followers!

Turn your followers into customers

Understand the analytics available to you on Instagram

Create a pattern for your feed to showcase your content in a way that sells

Explore options for actually selling ON your Instagram profile -- no website required!

Learn about new tools for filtering and automation

Understand how to get PAID for the influence you have online and how to use influencers to promote YOUR brand, product or services while you work on other aspects of your business


The course site is full of content to help you create a beautiful Instagram feed, engage your ideal client and turn your followers into customers.


When you sign up today, you'll get access to all of the content at once and helpful reminders every 5 days to go back in. You'll also get access to a private Facebook group for weekly, live Q&A sessions with 1:1 feedback for YOUR business, Instagram and your #InstaGoals.


Feedback from current members of the Mastermind:

"Great course! A must for every entrepreneur!"

"Everyone should take this course, Vix the real deal." 

"Her ability to navigate the digital sphere comes so naturally – it’s intrinsic and she’s always ahead of the curve. In a space that’s so inundated these days with
lingo, she has a no-nonsense approach that’s beyond the buzzwords and gets results. "

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