If you’re following me on Instagram (and you should be!), you’ll notice that I sometimes tag #VixontheRoad or share updates in my InstaStories related to training.

Those training sessions are often things I do under this under the SPJ Trainer partnership with the Google News Lab umbrella. When I was offered a place in the program, I had just decided to launch CreatiVix Media and had more flexibility than I ever had before. I started doing trainings on social media for PR firms, entrepreneurs, journalists and colleagues in 2010, immediately after graduation; this was a logical next step.

The SPJ Training program brings trainings on YouTube, Google Trends, Google Scholar, Advanced Search and more to newsrooms and universities for free. You can request a training by visiting the Society of Professional Journalists website.

In the past year and a half I’ve been a trainer, I have visited students and journalists in Washington, DC, Virginia, Alabama, New Jersey, New York State and New York City, Delaware and Philadelphia. My favorite part about training? When the lightbulb goes off and the tool goes from being something they know about to something they know!

And this map represents where I’ve been this quarter!

Here’s some feedback from past trainings:

Victoria Reitano was a tour de force during a three-day visit as a Society of Professional Journalist to The Journalism Program at the University of Delaware. She shared tools that are invaluable to student journalists who not only have to find verified information but also build a brand for themselves and their employers. At one point, I overheard a student whisper to another, “You can do that? Really?” A fairly recent graduate herself, she was relatable, informative and tireless. She is welcome back anytime. – Deborah Gump, PhD, Director of the University of Delaware Journalism Department

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