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5 Reasons Why Every Online Entrepreneur Needs a Project Manager

Project Manager: the people in charge of a specific project or projects within a company. As the project manager, your job is to plan, budget, oversee and document all aspects of the specific project you are working on. Ok, so now you know the definition of what a project manager is, but you may be Read More

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Branding Basics: How to Brand Yourself Online in 5 Steps

The most important part of branding? Authenticity. If your brand doesn’t feel good, chances are, it’s not going to resonate with your fans which is when engagement tanks! [Don’t know the terms I’m using? Download my #Vix for Digital Terms HERE! A FREE PDF to help you tackle the digital media space and understand what the Read More

5 Key Elements of a Social Media Brand

I’ve talked to you about some of my productivity hacks and, to be quite honest, I could literally write 100 blogs on my digital domination process. But, if I did that, you’d be bored in an instant and stop reading my content altogether. I’ve told you many times about the importance of having a plan Read More


5 W’s and an H of Content Creation

Creating content isn’t easy, but there are a few ways to make sure you’re targeting the right people AND sharing the right message. When you are building a social media campaign (that is, a series of posts to announce an event, an editorial calendar for the month or a launch series), you need to figure Read More