Buzzwords and Your Digital Content Strategy

Trends are a great way to get noticed by a new audience. A great way to connect with a new group of people online and a great way to get your brand, product or services into the conversation. It can be exhausting to follow the trends and can sometimes feel like you’re pushing up a Read More

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Finding Your Digital Building Blocks

The building blocks of your digital brand are the foundation on which your company, products and presence need to stand. If you have a crumbling foundation, you won’t be successful. The best way to have a solid foundation? Think of the buckets of content you’ll be sharing and then start creating your content. Learn more Read More


Engagement is the Key to Brand Awareness

Think of social media as a 24/7 party. If you hosted a party —you know, got a cake, made your favorite cocktails and reserved the perfect locale for your guests — and no one RSVP’d, it wouldn’t be much of a party, now would it? It’s the same with engagement. If you’re spending hours creating Read More

5 Key Elements of a Social Media Brand

I’ve talked to you about some of my productivity hacks and, to be quite honest, I could literally write 100 blogs on my digital domination process. But, if I did that, you’d be bored in an instant and stop reading my content altogether. I’ve told you many times about the importance of having a plan Read More

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New Year, New Brand? Small Tweaks for a Big Payoff

I think New Year, New You is a load of BS. There, I said it. A new year is a time for a fresh beginning and new habits but it is not a time to throw everything out and scrap all of the things you’ve created — especially when it comes to your digital brand. Read More