5 Cons to Cross Posting from Instagram to Facebook and Twitter

Instagram is a powerful tool for sharing behind-the-scenes moments in your day, life and business. It’s not the only platform to spread your brand message, but using it allows you to understand your audience and figure out what types of content they’re looking for. When you’re sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it can be Read More

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The Best Hashtags for Creatives, Entrepreneurs and More from Tailwind

Curation is a LARGE part of what you do on the Web — you find a trustworthy source or article and then you share it with your audience. Today, I’m doing that with you. Hashtags, as we’ve already discussed, are a powerful part of your Instagram strategy, especially if you want to establish your zone Read More

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Hashtags: 5 Ways to Use Them for YOUR Brand

Hashtags are the file folders of the internet. [Click to Tweet] They are used to collect and organize data based on a term or phrase. What makes a hashtag? Hashtags are a word or words that are together without any spaces. Capitalization, or lack thereof, doesn’t matter, that’s more or less personal preference because most Read More


Buzzwords and Your Digital Content Strategy

Trends are a great way to get noticed by a new audience. A great way to connect with a new group of people online and a great way to get your brand, product or services into the conversation. It can be exhausting to follow the trends and can sometimes feel like you’re pushing up a Read More

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All About #Hashtags: How do you use this tool to grow your digital brand?

Do you understand how to use #hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get new followers and engage new communities? The best part of a hashtag is that it files all conversations and posts about a certain topic or idea in one place so users can quickly access all the information available at any given Read More