Business Basics: How Do I Set My Rates?

Money, money, monayyyyy. Money is, in my not-so-humble opinion, freedom and security. Money allows you to make the choices you want to build your business in a way that is aligned with your goals, beliefs and philosophies. Money allows you to help the causes you are passionate about. Money can change your life. We spend Read More


Tools of the Trade: 3 Payment Management Systems that Will Rock Your Business

We’re all in business to get paid. And most of us would prefer to be paid sooner than later, yes? If you’ve answered no to this question, good for you! But for those of you that can’t wait for funds, I’ve compiled some of the best tools of the trade to get you paid quickly Read More

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Passive Income: What is it and How Can You Make Some?

Exchanging time for dollars has a limit. You can only work so many hours in the day and there is a max to the amount of money you can make in that time. The best way to make more money without exchanging more time? Passive income opportunities. Passive Income means income that you earn without Read More