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5 Sites to Find Freelance Work Online

The best way to DIY your Digital Brand Empire is to start building a steady income while you have a steady income. How can you do that? By finding sites that offer freelance opportunities (or part-time!) in your niche! The best sites for creatives are: WorkingNomads.com CreativeMarket.com GrowthGeeks.com Fiverr.com. Facebook groups, Facebook and LinkedIn are Read More


Can I Discuss the 2016 Presidential Election on my Social Media?

The short answer? Yes. The long answer? If you do it with class. Learn how to do talk about Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump without losing your cool and by giving your followers an authentic look into your brand values. And don’t forget to download our guide to the best times to post on Read More


The #DailyVix: The Do’s (And Don’t’s) of Cross-Posting

Cross-posting. To do or not to do is indeed the question. When you’re planning your editorial calendar, cross-posting is something that can save you a TON of time, but it needs to be done with care. What do I mean? Sometimes, when you post on one network, you’re not giving your fans the best experience. Read More