At the end of 2016, I made a decision. This year, in 2017, I was going to give my brands the time they deserved.

I was going to treat myself like a client.

I built a client folder for each of my brands, re-designed my websites, launched several Facebook and Twitter ads and started a content calendar. I blocked time in my calendar to create content for the calendar, to come up with new programs and actually gave myself the hours I deserved, the hours I would give a client with the same profile as me… the hours I needed instead of the bare minimum in which I could create something.

The saying is the cobbler without any shoes, but I was the cobbler with hastily fashioned sandals that could only be optimized when I had the extra time and candlelight to burn.

Make sense?

I noticed a lot of things in the first five weeks of doing this.

One is that I had a massive mind shift about my personal brand. Being a digital media manager, you spend a lot of time behind the scenes. And while I enjoy certain aspects of it, I also enjoy standing in the light and owning my ability to vix everything — and everyone — I work with. That’s a gift and by owning it, I actually became MORE creative for my clients because I felt fulfilled in my own creative expression.

I also realized how little time I actually needed to accomplish this and how little effort I needed to put in to see massive results. That’s a good thing for you, too. Why? Because when you exchange time for dollars, in any way, it’s important to learn how to effectively outsource but also how to be efficient in all things. By doing this, I even created better processes for clients, processes that I have turned into DIY courses for those who are interested in that sort of thing (something that has brought me MORE money than projected in Q1).

The best example of this outcome was that I gained 300 followers organically on my business Instagram by creating a specific pattern with, what I call, an InstAnchor and by answering very few comments.

Why is this important? Because it shows that you can be just slightly more strategic and engaged (or just work with me for a few hours a month) and truly see a noticeable difference in your brand-building efforts.

The bottom line is that by taking time to work ON your business instead of IN your business, everyone benefits. You are happier and more creative, your clients benefit from your personal tests and case studies and you can actively create new opportunities for wealth efficiently and effectively.

It’s a daily practice and something that I am still actively learning how to do but like my SoulCycle classes, it’s one resolution I plan on keeping for years to come.

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