Life as a Unicorn: What It Truly Means to Be a Digital Polymath… and Why You Need One in Your Business

Unicorns are rare, but Digital Polymaths are even more precious. Why? Because so many of us were trained to be specialists for so long and now? Now we need to be well-versed in all areas of the digital lifecycle. Read on to learn WHY you need a digital polymath in your business.

A polymath is someone who has a wide range of knowledge or learning in many subject areas. People like Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo DaVinci and countless others who have been dubbed “geniuses” over the decades and centuries.

Today, these individuals are unicorns.

Blame it on our education system, on our “millennial laziness” (which is total BS and I’ll be following up with why on or on our inability to be truly creative… whatever it is, generations have been stripped of their ability to think outside of the box and explore subject matters beyond their areas of expertise.

It may sound conceited but I am a digital polymath and I truly believe I am a unicorn.

I’ve been a polymath since I was a child — I studied creative arts in writing and design, and the more “traditional” science and mathematics courses in computer coding.

For me, it wasn’t about getting as many skills as possible but more about gravitating to what interested me, not thinking about whether I’d be well suited to it based on my other strengths.

As early as 2012, the Harvard Business Review discussed the rise of polymaths and why it is good to have them in your organization as well as, for the employee, why it is good to acquire a wide range of skills.

A simple search for “digital polymath” brings up many discussions about user experience design — that is, how we interact with apps, websites and devices — among others discussing video polymaths at the Washington Post and so much more.

Why Should You Care?

Because a Digital Polymath is essential for online entrepreneurs and influencers, especially if you can find one who has the ability to navigate from both sides of the table as well as in online and offline communities.

Really? How Do I Know You’re Telling the Truth?

Yes, really. Because I do it every, single day.

Most social media experts and Facebook ads experts will focus on the creative — that is the images, videos, words and links you share in your social media content and paid media content — and not worry about the full lifecycle.

And by that I mean — once they’ve driven traffic to your site, they often wash their hands of the results OR push it off to a “lesser” team member.

And that is complete and total BS.

If you don’t have a basic understanding of tactics and systems used to complete the conversion, you have no business.

I am not telling you to step out of your zone of genius and struggle to find the time in your already packed day to learn new skills, but I am telling you to have a basic understanding so you can identify the experts and make sure the ones you hire are doing everything they can to help YOU build your business without draining your bank account.

Ok, you’ve convinced me… now what?

As a unicorn, I’ve never really fit in with anyone one group or within a specific job title.

And that was the most lucrative path I could have chosen.

By learning how to be creative enough to come up with ideas and then truly understanding the tactics needed to execute the ideas, I was able to triple my salary in four years, turning a six-figure degree into a six-figure salary in the process.

But enough about me and my background… what do YOU need to know?

Digital Polymaths may be more of an investment but they will increase your bottom line in less time and for less investment overtime.

It’s the Blue Apron model, right? Why buy ingredients that could make up a delicious dinner IF you put them together when you can spend less money and buy the exact amount you need to create the delicious dinner you want each and every time.

And, as Maya Angelou said in the Harvard Business Review piece — you don’t have to be an expert to understand and find the experts (paraphrasing, but you get the idea). If you want to expand your knowledge of all things digital, sign up for my weekly newsletter here and join my private Facebook group here.

You can learn all you need to know to hire the right people to build your business without draining your bank account — if you have patience and a solid digital tribe.

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