Do you post on social media and your blog on the weekends? If the answer is no, you might want to reconsider.

Think about your own use of these tools — you, like many of your ideal clients, are probably more active on social media during the workweek. But you also engage with brands, content creators and influencers on the weekends. And if you, as a brand, content creator or influencer, are not sharing content, your ideal clients will miss it and that will be money you have left on the table.

And nobody wants that.

Sharing content 7 days a week can be exhausting! I love social media and I find it to be too much at times. The best way to stay ahead of it is to schedule the content OR have someone schedule it for you.

And why don’t you want to miss out on weekend updates?

This article by Contena neatly outlines four of the pros to sharing on weekends but the biggest one is that there is less competition and NOISE on the weekends.

This is great for B2C brands that need to capture the audience’s attention when other brands have signed off for the weekend.

This is not always true for B2B companies or for all brands who sell to consumers. It’s a lot of testing to determine if your audience is interested in content on the weekends and, if they are interested, just how much interest they have.

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Hootsuite, as mentioned in the Contenta article, recommends posting between 12 and 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays — I find that any time between 11am and 3pm on weekends will get some play for almost every brand.

The most important thing about testing this is to give it some time, at least four weeks, if not eight! Allow yourself to create content that feels good on the weekends — chances are, your audience will be looking for a break too!

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